I recently decided to take on the task of cleaning up the 3DO emulator 4DO which is based on FreeDO. Specifically the libretro core version.

I reached out to the project lead on 4DO and he’s supportive of my efforts to rework and improve 4DO via the libretro port (rather than fork or adopt the Windows only 4DO codebase).

So far I’ve fixed a significant issue with rendering (appeared like a vsync problem), ported over specific game hacks, improved joypad handling, added CHD support, and I’m now in the process of doing a major cleanup of the code and APIs. Once that’s finished I’ll be focusing on improving performance and expanding features.

I’ve also put together a github repo to store any and all 3DO information. If you have any information regarding the 3DO console please consider sending it my way or issuing a pull request to the repo.