UPDATE: See https://3dodev.com/software/sdks

To help facilitate 3DO homebrew development I’ve been working to provide better access to 3DO build environments, tooling, and information. This first release is a QEMU PPC system based MacOS9 environment with the 3DO SDK installed along with other relevant tools. This package includes example start scripts for QEMU and 3 images (a base image, a snapshot to keep the base clean, and a scratch pad drive image) and you should be ready to go immediate after booting.

Image: 3DO_MacOS9_dev_image_1.0.0.zip

QEMU (tested on 4.1.0):

In the future I’m looking to package Windows command line build tools in a more friendly way as well as packing those tools for use on Linux via WINE. I’ll also be releasing, in the least, a tutorial on creating 3DO compatible FMVs.

If you’d like to help in any way (documentation, examples, tutorials, port / create build tools, etc.) or have any suggestions on improving things please contact me. Also please contact me if you have any technical details regarding the 3DO. Including any development documentation not included in the 3DO Toolkit or Portfolio docs.